Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to 5Volt Blog

Welcome! I'm starting this blog to document my electronics hobby. Ever since my son Ian was born I've had to put my other hobby, woodworking, on hold. I decided to get back into electronics, a hobby of mine since I was young, which is much quieter.

One half of our unfinished basement is reserved for my woodshop. I decided to take over the other half of the basement for electronics, and repurposed some old storage furniture for a work space. Above is a picture of my electronics workbench. Since most of the projects I have planned require quite a bit of firmware I've set up a computer on the left. On the top shelf are various components. On the middle shelf I have my old Radio Shack multimeter, a converted computer power supply, an Aoyue 2900 Soldering Station, a PanaVise 350 Work Center. On the bottom I have various hookup wires and tools. Off to the right I have more storage.

If it weren't for all the unused baby stuff lying around, my basement would be my version of a perfect "man cave."

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